What the Holidays are all about

What the Holidays are all about

Owning a gift shop can give a very wrong impression about what the Holidays are all about...

When you work in a shop you will find that the Holiday Season brings out the best - and the worst in people. Suddenly the love you cherish for someone is measured by how many presents you buy or how big a present you give. Your successes in life get reflected by how big your Christmas tree is and what you serve during your Christmas Eve Dinner. And don't forget about charity - your annual donation to some good cause that makes you able to sleep well for the rest of the year.


All this is usually accompanied by a lot of stress (the hassle of it all), insecurities (will this present or turkey or... be good enough) and at the end of the line an empty bankaccount. Sounds familiar?


At Carlino Feel Good Store we strive for just that - Feel Good. Every item we sell is carefully chosen by keeping these criteria:

- Is it good quality?

- Is it made with respect to human life and environment?

- Will it make our customer's life more easy and beautiful?

As a plus: when you buy from us, you support a local independent shop and economy. Thus securing a bit of Antwerp's authenticity.


Feeling Good doesn't have to come with a high price tag at Carlino. You can shop in the comfort of your home by visiting our webshop. When you do decide to visit our shop in Antwerp, we offer you a full friendly service to help you pick out the best presents and giftwrap them for you without extra charge but with love and a smile. And you will know that you have done so much more than just buy something. You will have supported the local economy, by buying a fair trade item that has been carefully chosen with the person you love in mind. Spoil yourself or others with the gift of care, luxury, time and most of all LOVE.


Because in the end, that's what this season means for us: spending time with our loved ones and showing them how much we care. So we wish you Very Happy Holidays! May you also share joy, good health and happiness with those around you.


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