Why Valentine's Day needs a makeover

Why Valentine's Day needs a makeover

Is Valentine's Day still a corny holiday reserved for couples or secretloves? Maybe you think it's all a commercial rip off? Or are we finaly ready to make it a holiday of love, with or without the gifts?

According to several statistics and newspaper articles, there are more and more singles in Belgium. Apparently there's a whole generation that is called the 'Sex and the City'-generation. People in their twenties and thirties who are happy to be single and not thinking about settling down. So perhaps it's about time to revisit Valentine's Day...


Back in the day Valentine's Day was a day to celebrate the love between a man and a woman. In the meantime lots of different realtionships can be celebrated on 14 February. It is not surprising that despite a growing number of singles, Valentine's Day gets a lot of attention. Because if you're not in a relationship, you can still celebrate with your BFF. Or why not call it a holiday of love, as well as the love you feel for your friends, family and pets?


And if Valentine's Day is the holiday of love, why not spoil yourself? Because loving yourself is something we all need but often forget. And maybe that's where Valentine's Day is about in the future: a bit more self-love so that you can love others more easily. So why nog treat yourself this year with a lovely present? Our webshop is full of 'feel good' gifts for yoursef and your loved ones. And please let us know in the comments if and how you plan to celebrate Valentine's Day.



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